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Stroymontage is one of the largest real estate investment and development companies in Russia since 1994. The Corporation is actively involved in residential, office and commercial real estate development in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the regions, being the Investor, Developer and Contractor ant the same time.

At the present time Stroymontage is a corporation consisting of a large number of companies working in various fields of construction and other industries (ground works, transportation and logistics, timber processing, building management and maintenance, investment).

In the year 2000 Stroymontage Corporation opened a fully operational office in Moscow that has already secured a leading position in the Moscow real estate market with projects such as Corona (Crown), Zolotye Klyuchi - II (Golden Springs - II) and Europe Building - altogether totaling more than 200.000 square meters. In February 2002 Stroymontage was nominated with the Stroitelny Olymp (Construction Olympus) Award for its high professional results in Moscow.

Stroymontage is dynamically involved in investment projects. On the International Property Market MIPIM-2002 in Cannes we introduced the concept for prospective development of Vyborgskaya Embankment in Saint Petersburg. The 30 hectares land plot project comprises Petrovsky Fort Business Complex and Business City that was nominated as Saint Petersburg’s Best Development Project in 2002.

Stroymontage Corporation today - is a team of professionals offering a comprehensive range of engineering service from design to construction, fit-out, maintenance and management, having the best reputation as one of the leading groups in the construction industry providing superior quality, high-end technologies and outstanding client service.
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